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Posted by mile23 on January 20, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello dear friends! Long ago, I promised myself that I will not publicly express my opinions about the comments on my work. Unfortunately, a situation that happened to me today prompted me to speak out

Succinctly, you all know that I have today publicly announced Pelicans PROJECT. I came across many comments with questions - why now when it's not out 2k14 ... - Because of such comments, and for all those who do not appreciate the work of any patch makers, I say this:

The point is that this is a matter of free choice ... if we are to be honest, nobody is obliged to use this. No one is obliged to like this. Most importantly, I am not obligated to share this, because every real patcher invests a lot of work and time into their projects and then the negative evaluations submitted hard. The point is, the easiest way is to download something and then say it is good or it is not good. I'm not attacking anyone but I want to say to customers:


If anyone do not like something, then Roll up your sleeves and do it yourself by your own taste

To be honest with you all. I'm rather disappointed to see how people put pressure on someone and 2 days after the announcement, simply move the mass lynching. Criticism is always welcome. But, spitting at someone's work is extremely unfair and rude.

It is a shame that someone who does not even know how hard it is to make any project for the game offends anyone who produces everything we use. Let's think about it ... 2K Sports made ​​the game, set on the market and took the money for it. Okay, big business is behind this, and that's okay! I, and other patch makers do everything for free. We are investing more time, blood, sweat and tears to create something for all of us who love the game. And then we had to go back to spit some work? So where is it? I do not know what to say ... - Sadly is only one thing and that is:

smart is the one who did not create anything ... It is a picture that has been with us in the real world. and now she's moved, on the virtual world ...


Posted by mile23 on January 19, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Here, I solemnly declare that the Pelicans PACK released for download! I will use this opportunity to announce that I am already on Seattle "Kings" or "Sonics" Pack. Soon there will be new pictures in the forum and in the gallery.


Also, I want to tell everyone that this site is getting closer to becoming OFFICIAL ie for them to invest the money and buy a domain with unlimited space. For the realization of such a project, it is necessary to join us for more members.


Posted by mile23 on December 29, 2012 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Here will be a daily update of everything related to new projects. Each comment is welcome. Criticisms and suggestions also.

Also, if someone has the will and desire, can be plugged into the development and implementation of the project.

I've created a new fictional jersey for OKC that goes bundled with new fictional court. today preview